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And when do you start with a sustainable cardboard tray solution for your food? You have the choice! Our ECKO-TRAY® is optionally available in white fresh fibre quality (good for the recycling cycle) or, on request, in partially recycled cardboard with a brown natural look. We use the minimum amount of plastic that is currently technically possible and thus save up to 80% of the plastic used in conventional MAP packaging for each food product packed in our trays. Separating the cardboard and plastic components is very easy.

Sustainable packaging


Innovative and sustainable

Our ECKO-TRAY® is made with recycled cardboard on request. We use the minimum amount of plastic that is currently technically possible and thus give your product longer freshness. For the consumer, the separation of the individual components – plastic and cardboard – is simplified by very easy peeling.

More advantages - For all market participants

Keeps food fresh for longer

ECKO-PACK® was developed to prevent the loss of natural freshness and quality of your food. An EVOH barrier can be used to change the atmosphere in the carton packaging, which in turn creates optimal preservation conditions and extends shelf life. This keeps your products fresh longer and reduces the rate of throw-aways.

Free from additives

ECKO-PACK® is free of additives such as PE coatings, lime and adhesives. ECKO-PACK® keeps food fresh longer and is sustainable.

Sustainably packaged

ECKO-PACK® has a low carbon footprint, generates less food and cardboard waste and saves up to 90% CO2 during transport due to its light weight.

High recyclability - better image

ECKO-PACK® is not composite packaging and is therefore significantly easier to recycle: Optimal for environmentally conscious customers. ECKO-PACK® offers a great improvement in terms of environmental awareness and sustainability.


Our Trays


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This could be your Ecko tray:


01: ) Push in flap


02. Pull out the film bag


03: Open the film bag at the peel-off tab and remove the product

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We make packaging sustainably sexy!



Our ECKO-TRAY trays are the future solution for all those who have to calculate tightly but do not want to do without a sustainable packaging solution. The skin film can be removed unopened and thus also frozen to save space. ECKO-TRAY trays can be used for frozen, chilled and non-refrigerated foods. Small objects such as instructions, spice mixtures, additions, etc. can be fixed between the skin film and the tray without coming into direct contact with the food.



Our machine portfolio includes various semi-automatic and fully automatic tray sealers and thermoforming food packaging machines. Whether you are a start-up and have not yet purchased a suitable packaging machine or your packaging machine is already fully utilized or no longer meets your requirements – we have all common food packaging machine solutions, the financing of which we make easier for you through various offers. Let us advise you



Our customer service provides regular maintenance, repair and immediate assistance for all packaging machines. As far as possible, repairs are carried out by express delivery to your premises. We also take care of re-setting of machines e.g. in case of product change and have an extensive stock of spare parts (for our own machines, third party equipment on request). You can also request loan & rental equipment for test purposes.



With our design unit and a lot of experience and know-how in the field of food packaging, we are at your side with help and advice. With our extensive knowledge of food claiming and awards, we are happy to be at your side for both new designs or designs based on existing style guides. You would like to have your own graphic to show the correct separation of the two components? No problem! We are here for you!



The market for packaging machines, materials and systems is huge! And we know it! The players, the raw materials, the obstacles, the claims and the opportunities. Our broad network enables us to offer you services and products that fit your needs exactly – and at a fair price! In addition, as an exclusive partner, we are allowed to award the “LOVE PAPER” seal of the international pro-paper initiative Two Sides on all our ECKO-TRAY trays. Please contact us!

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No matter if you want to use our low-priced ECKO-TRAY packaging trays on your existing machine or if you are looking for a complete solution: We offer you well-founded know-how and are guaranteed to have the right, sustainable solution for your food products as well!

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